For some occasions, there’s nothing that matches up to a long dress. Classy, elegant and sexy, a long dress can pack more style and substance than their shorter cousins, and can create a lot more mystique than a cocktail dress or a skirt. At Cari’s Closet, we value our long dress selection as one of the most versatile collections in store, able to glam up a high-class dinner and a night on the town as easily as it can mingle with the glitterati at the opera or have you looking spectacular for a picnic or a garden party.

It’s that versatility that really marks a long dress, and makes the Cari’s Closet selection so unique. They can bring a touch of sleek style to any event, and work wonderfully in any season, from our light and airy Summer style, to warm, elegant Winter numbers and everything in between. Finding the perfect long dress for any of the occasions you might have in mind can be a tricky business, but luckily Cari’s Closet are here to lend a helping hand!

Long Dresses

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