Cari's Closet Chats With...Emma Conybeare


Emma Conybeare is a presenter on Capital Xtra Radio and Good Morning Britain. She's also a model, DJ and social media influencer. Despite waking up at 1 am and going to bed at 6 pm, Emma made time in her busy schedule to chat to Cari's Closet all about her career, her style inspirations and her favourite pieces from our site. 

How did you get into presenting? When did you decide that it was the right career path for you?

I tried to get into a career in Mathematics after doing a degree in it at university, but I ended up working in recruitment for a while. Five years ago, I was on a TV show and I found a love for live television, particularly the adrenaline rush. Since then, I have had to prove my worth as a presenter doing many unpaid jobs to get experience – but when you find something you love, you don’t take too much notice of being broke all the time.

What tips would you give to someone who is hoping to get into the industry?

You should do as many jobs as possible to gain experience. It’s all about meeting and connecting with people, so make sure that you keep in contact.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My alarm goes off at 1 am and I get to work at Capital Xtra Radio for 1.45. My show finishes at 6 am, so I’ll come home, do some exercise to wake myself up and catch up on emails. I have meetings for the rest of the day, and I go to bed at 6 pm.

Do you prefer being on the radio, or on the TV?

It’s hard to choose because they are completely different. I like that radio is constantly changing – you have to entertain the public with your thoughts, and you can only express verbally as people can’t see you. However, the adrenaline rush on TV is greater, so I love that.

We love your style, where do you get your inspiration from?

I love to go shopping with my mum, she has great style and she will always tell me the truth about what looks good, and what doesn’t. I also take inspiration from the Instagram accounts of celebrities and fashion designers – their images get stuck in my head so that when I go shopping, I know exactly what I am looking for.

What do you think will be the biggest trends this year?

I think that the 60s and 70s will make a comeback with lots of bold stripes. Personally, I hope that mod mini dresses will make a comeback – gotta love a mini dress!

Do you prefer the festival fashion of the summer or the cosy layers of winter?

100% festival fashion – I love it. I adore the colours, the brightness, and the sparkles. I get upset when I can’t wear bright pinks and yellows in the winter because it looks a bit weird!

What’s your go-to look for a date night?

On date night, I always wear heeled boots or wedges – they should be comfortable because it’s awkward if you can’t walk! Then, depending on where we go, either a skirt or leather look leggings with a blouse.

Lastly, what is your favourite piece from Cari’s Closet?

I love the blazer dresses, but my favourite has to be the Hannah long sleeve lace dress in pink. The colour and lace are so cute, and the dress itself is so unique. 

Thanks so much Emma for chatting with us! You can follow Emma on Instagram here.