12 Amazing dresses to improve your wardrobe and style today

Fashion is important when it comes to making a great impression, whether at work or in your social life. You need a selection of different dresses in your wardrobe for every occasion – such as parties, work and formal events. In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best Cari’s Closet dresses to have in your wardrobe, which will help you determine what to wear for an event. We’ll run through the dresses one by one, to guide you through improving your wardrobe and personal style.



In your lifetime, you’ll likely have to attend events and occasions where you need a different type of dress. For meetings in the office, you’ll need work dresses. For weddings, you’ll need formal dresses. For Christmas parties, you might need cocktail dresses. Plus, no woman’s wardrobe is complete without the addition of the iconic black dress, made famous by Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel quote

This quote by Coco Chanel is still relevant today. It’s often said that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have.



Historically, fashion has always been influenced by society at the time. For instance, at the start of the 1920s, dresses were more masculine as women fought to get equal social status to men. It was only at the end of the decade that the traditional 20s style dresses came into fashion, with a more feminine look. The Great Depression and World Wars resulted in hems getting shorter to save fabric, money and time. Hemlines shrunk further in the 60s with the introduction of the mini dress, and maxi dresses became the norm with the hippy vibes of the 70s. Today, dresses traditionally take inspiration from previous decades, with mini, maxi and midi hems popular. A modern twist is added through the use of colour, sequins and embellishment.

Three dresses



What you wear can affect you psychologically, and have an influence on your mood. Psychologist Karen Pine, who wrote the book Mind What You Wear, says that choosing the right clothing can make a person less anxious and depressed. Clothes should make you feel happy and confident.

All about Colour

Wearing the right colour for your skin’s undertone should be a priority when choosing dresses for your wardrobe. There are three main types of undertone : warm, cool and neutral. There are a couple of tests that you can do to determine what your undertone is:

  • The vein test – Look at the veins on your wrist/palm. If you have greeny-looking veins, you have a warm undertone. If your veins are blue or purple, your undertone is cool.
  • The jewellery test – Wear a silver bracelet on one wrist, and gold on the other. Under natural light, look at both – if silver enhances your complexion more, your undertone is cool. If it’s gold, your undertone is warm.

You can tell if a colour is warm or cool by looking at the tint of it. Warmer colours generally have a yellow tint, and cool colours have a blue tint. Warm colours are usually reds, oranges and yellows. Cool colours are generally blues, true greens and purples.

You don’t necessarily have to stick to warm colours if you are warm, or cool colours if you are cool. If you really like a colour that isn’t deemed to be flattering for your tone, wear it as an accessory.


Colours to wear if you have a warm undertone:

  • Oranges, reds, amber, golden yellow, honey gold.
  • Warmer greens and blues e.g. olive, magenta, deep turquoise.
  • Neutrals such as taupe and creamy whites.

Colours to avoid if you have a warm undertone:

  • Icy shades and jewel shades such as sapphire, ruby and amethyst.

Colours to wear if you have a cool undertone:

  • Royal blue, deep purple, emerald, amethyst, lilac.
  • Shocking pink, cerise, ruby.
  • Neutrals such as grey, navy and crisp white.

Colours to avoid if you have a cool undertone:

  • Oranges and yellows.

If you can’t tell if you’re warm or cool, you are neutral. Colours to wear if you’re neutral:

  • Light peach, dusty pink, jade green, placid blue.
  • Taupes, grey, off-whites.

Colours to avoid with a neutral undertone:

  • Anything too vibrant and bright such as red and yellow.



Body shapes

There are four main body types: apple, pear, hourglass and athletic. You can identify your body shape by looking at the following characteristics:

  • Apple – Your shoulders are broader than your hips, you are not curvy through your hips, you don’t have a well defined waistline and you are well proportioned.
  • Pear – Your waist is wider than your bust, you have fuller hips, you have narrow shoulders in comparison to your hips and you have a fuller bottom.
  • Hourglass – Your body could be described as curvy, you have a defined waist, your bust and hip measurements are even and you have a fuller bust, hips and thighs.
  • Rectangle – You are not particularly curvy, your shoulder and hip measurements are almost the same, your waist is straight up and down and your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body.

Left quoteA woman has no need to be perfect or even beautiful to wear my dresses. The dress will do all that for her.Left quote

 Cristobel Balenciaga

Here are the usual types of clothing which work for each body shape:

  • Pear shape – Fit and flare dresses are ideal for this body shape as they accentuate your smaller top half and curves. Thin straps also work well. Celebrities with a pear shape figure include Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.
  • Apple shapes suit full skirts, wide leg pants and jackets which sit at your widest part. Your tops shouldn’t have too much extra volume. Famous apple shapes include Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson.
  • For hourglass shapes, anything which defines your waist is a must-do. Belted dresses, wrap tops and peplum styles work best. Celebrities with hourglass figures include Kim Kardashian West and Sofia Vergara.
  • Rectangle figures look great when they draw attention to their shoulders and arms, so opt for halterneck styles, racerback styles or strapless options. Famous athletic shapes include Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.

It’s important to bear your body shape in mind when you’re choosing dresses. Well-fitting dresses will accentuate your shape, make you feel confident and you will seem more approachable to others.

Here’s the deal...

At Cari’s Closet, we have a collection of stunning, must-have dresses. That’s no secret. You’ve seen the likes of Rosanna Davison and Una Healy wear our styles. You’ve seen how our styles look on the red-carpet. So now, we’ll walk you through our fave styles, and how to wear them for an occasion such as the races, a christening or a wedding.


Samanta dresses

Our Samanta gown is a formal dress ideal for balls. This dress would work perfectly for a rectangle body shape, thanks to the halterneck detailing and the split in the leg. You should have this gown in your wardrobe for last-minute formal event invites, such as your partner’s Christmas ball.

Nova dressNova

Not technically a dress but a jumpsuit, Nova is a key piece.

The tailored look of the jumpsuit makes it ideal for when you need to look smart but not overdressed.

The frill sleeves and crop wide-legs make this jumpsuit ideal for apple shapes, although the sheer panel on the stomach may be uncomfortable if you are self-conscious about your stomach.





Daisy dressDaisy

Our Daisy dress in sunshine yellow is the perfect dress for a spring wedding or a day at the races.

The dress is ideal for pear shapes thanks to the fit and flare skirt.The nude band under the bust is designed to emphasise your waist, so the Daisy dress would also work for ladies with an hourglass shape.

The yellow is ideal for warmer undertones.






Michelle dresses

A two-piece is a wardrobe essential as you can use the items for other outfits, but they work best together. The Michelle two-piece is perfect for hourglass girls, thanks to the peplum waistline and figure-hugging pencil skirt. Michelle is available in a range of colours, so there’s one to suit every undertone. This outfit is perfect for a day at the races, and you’ll steal the show with a fascinator.


Lexx jumpsuitLexx

The Lexx jumpsuit is perfect for ladies with rectangle figures, thanks to the high-neck cut-out design.

Although we are showcasing the navy version here (ideal for cooler undertones) this jumpsuit is also available in black, taupe, grey and ivory.

You could wear this jumpsuit to a christening or another event where you’d like to look fashionable and elegant.





Tammy dressTammy

Tammy is a fun two-piece designed to enhance your waistline with peplum detailing. It’s made of a scuba fabric which is super comfortable.

This two-piece will also work for rectangle body shapes thanks to the off-the-shoulder neckline. Tammy is available in blush pink, navy, black, white and red.

You could wear the Tammy two-piece to a party or event such as a race day.





Khan dressKhan

Be a glittering goddess in our Khan gown, perfect for an evening occasion such as a charity ball or film premiere.

It has an open back and plunging neckline, which has been expertly crafted to flatter your figure.

Even if you don’t get invited to many formal events, you need this gown in your wardrobe.






White Belinda dressBelinda

Sporty meets sexy with our Belinda gown, with thin straps, a plunging neckline and a thigh-high split. This number is perfect for rectangular figures to showcase your toned shoulders and arms.

Long dresses are ideal for accentuating your legs, and Belinda is no exception. If you don’t already have a white dress in your wardrobe, get this one! It’s perfect to show off your tan in summer, and you could even wear it for a formal dinner on holiday.

We have also had customers wear our Belinda gown to awards ceremonies.





Elle dressElle

This long sleeve dress is one of the newest additions to our collection.

Elle has a great contrast between black and white, with frill detailing and a button trim.

This dress is a great party dress, if you’re looking for something unique that no-one else will be wearing.





Stormi dress



A great lace dress is a must-have for any Fashionista. Every celebrity worth their credentials from Khloe Kardashian to Amal Clooney knows how lace detailing can draw the eye.

Our Stormi number is a flattering blush pink (ideal for neutral skintones) with cut-out panels. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, the long sleeves will cover them without looking too conservative.

Stormi is the perfect dress for a night out or a day-time event such as the races or a hen party.




White Mischa dressMischa

Mischa is that crisp white colour that you’ve been looking for all your life.

With frill detailing, a midi length, cut-out panels and sheer lace inserts, it ticks off a number of trends all at once.

We’ve had customers wear our Mischa dress at the races, and we’ve had brides-to-be rock this beauty at their pre-wedding events such as the hen night.





Bella dressBella

Bella is a classic high-neck gown with cut-out panels on the side. The gown is floor-length, with a train, perfect for when you need to make a dramatic entrance (or exit!).

If you are a rectangle figure and you’re looking for a showstopper of a dress, you’ve found it.

The Bella gown comes in several colours, and there is a sequin version for when you need something a little more glitzy – for a ball, for example.