Cari’s Closet began as a way to bring the top designer dresses and cutting edge fashions to Ireland in a way that is affordable and easy. By providing dress rental of all the latest designer wear, we can help our customers look stunning at any event for a fraction of the retail price. What’s more, we understand that there’s no sting quite as bad as spending money on an expensive and beautiful piece of designer clothing only to wear it once and then never again – and yet it’s something that we all do.

High fashion changes so often, and the events where you might wear it are so visible, that often the same outfit isn’t a viable choice for a second event, resulting in a string of expensive one-offs.

With Cari’s Closet, however, your days of spending your entire fashion budget on single-use style are over. Cari’s Closet means you can hire a dress or a designer piece for much less than the retail price, making your budget go much further and opening the doors to a massive wardrobe of gorgeous dresses and unbeatable fashion.

Irish fashionistas will be able to keep up with all the latest trends and change their looks whenever they like with the Cari’s Closet range, and nights out will never be the same once you’ve discovered our dresses!

Updated weekly, the selection at Cari’s closet includes the hottest designers and fashion houses, from big labels to small independent designers and worldwide names.

Based in Malahide, Co. Dublin, Cari’s Closet also has a location in Cork City, and we can provide our high fashion hire and vintage collectibles to any location in Ireland through our website! The model is simple: you just borrow the dress, wear it and return it, and we deal with all the cleaning and alterations for you!

The perfect option for red-carpet fashion or a special occasion, Cari’s Closet is also stocked with everyday dresses, accessories, high fashion and stunning vintage pieces for everyday wear, setting you apart from the crowd and helping you keep up with all the latest trends. Buzzing with Irish fashionistas, Cari’s Closet has become a one-stop shop for Irish fashion and dresses, and has even seen celebrity attention among its customers. If you’ve got an event coming up, a special occasion, or you just love looking good, you’re invited to join them at Cari’s Closet.